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Key Staff

Our staff members are not only known for their meticulous application of their skills, and experience, but also for their customer-centric focus and commitment to professional development.

Key staff members are listed below. Click the individual's name for more information.

> William C. Bracken, PE, SI, CFM, StS2

> David L. Compton, PE, SECB, CGC

> Robin J. Davies, PE
   Executive Vice President

   Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

> Geoffrey A. Chambers, PE, SI
   Vice President of Production/Senior Engineer

> Robert L. De Loach Jr., CBI, CFM, CBC
   Vice President of Operations

> Donna Friis, PE
   Office Manager/Senior Engineer

> Gregory Lewis, PE
   Office Manager/Senior Engineer

> Matthew R. Depin, PE
   Office Manager/Senior Engineer

> Jonathan W. Clarkson, PG
   Group Manager/Senior Geologist

> Andrew F. Lovenstein, PE
   Senior Engineer

> Stephen R. Towne, RRC, CBC
   Senior Project Manager/Roof Consultant

> Timothy J. Moore, CBO, CGC
   Senior Project Manager

> Timothy J. Kenneally, PE, SE
   Professional Engineer

> W. Sharkey Bowers, PE
   Senior Geotechnical Engineer

> William Turner, EI
   Project Engineer

> Randall M. Manning, EI
   Project Engineer

> Kiet T. Nguyen, EI
   Project Engineer

> Dave A. Labady, EI
   Project Engineer

> Michelle M. Feduccia, EI
   Project Engineer

> Diana M. Arana, EI
   Project Engineer

> Conrad B. Crawford, EI
   Project Engineer

> Alexander J. Raposa, EI
   Project Engineer

> Zinski Baggan, EI
   Project Engineer

> Rafael Lugo, EI
   Project Engineer

> Benjamin Ranta, EI
   Project Engineer

> Ilan Caballero Fanco, EI
   Project Engineer

> R. Jordan Zeitler, EI
   Project Engineer

> Andrew Enrique Feliciano, EI
   Investigations Intern

> J. Scott Hollingsworth
   Project Geologist

> Dimitar N. Drentchev
   Project Manager

> Nathan Hill
   Geoscience Technician

> Jose Lemos
   Geoscience Technician